About Our Township

Heidelberg Township is a township in York County, United States. The township was erected in 1750 and encompassed the land grant known as “Digges’ Choice” (a warrant granted to John Digges in 1727 by the province of Maryland, prior to the time the Mason-Dixon line fixed the final boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania). The township consisted of 9,030 acres and extended as far west as the borough (town) of McSherrystown. The township included the borough (town) of Hanover until Hanover was made a borough in 1815. When Adams County was formed from western York County in 1800, the portion of Heidelberg Township that was included in York County was subsequently renamed Conwago Township. In 1860, the western half of Heidelberg Township (including the area around Hanover) was split off to form Penn Township. Although some residents of this township have a Hanover, PA address and some have a Spring Grove, PA address, all of the children in Heidelberg Township attend Spring Grove School District.

2010 Census: 3,078

2010 Census Breakdown